Ready to Board

This weekend we embark on a three week journey in Rhode Island.  And, I haven’t even started packing.  Usually, I have things packed days in advance and stress out that I might forget something.  This time is different.  Tom and I are trying to avoid stress and enjoy relaxation.  We know what we need to bring, its just a matter of folding and rolling it into a suitcase.  We don’t need to pack much for any of us, including the baby.  We ordered all his diapers and wipes online so we wouldn’t have to travel with them.  They are currently residing in the lovely home we are staying in during our trip.  I also found some packing tips (and picture on the left) on this blog on how to efficiently pack.

This will only be the second time being on a plane with the kids.  The first was our trip here.  The flight didn’t take off until midnight.  By that point, the baby was sleeping and Noah was exhausted.  We packed his backpack full of fun toys and snacks and loaded the iPod with movies to watch.  Most of which was done in the waiting area as our plane was delayed almost two hours.  When we finally boarded and us travelers with kiddos got to go first.  The air in the plane was thick and hot due to some malfunction.  It was so warm that they started passing out water for everyone.  We finally left, and as soon as the wheels left the ground, Noah was asleep.  He didn’t wake up until we landed.  Cale slept most of the time too.  We also had a ridiculous amount of luggage because we were moving, which made it hard to get around the airport with two kids.

Fast asleep in the airport

This time, our flight is at 5:40pm London time.  The kids won’t be tired quite yet and we need to try an avoid jet lag.  When we arrive in the states, it will be 7:30pm, but will feel like midnight for us and the kids.  I have no doubt they will fall asleep in the car on our way back from Boston, it’s just the time they wake up in the morning that concerns me.  We packed Noah’s backpack for the most part already.  Tom has been clearing the iPad and our old iPhones to put movies and games on for all of us.  We bought Noah some new Spiderman and Octonauts action figures and some kid magazines.  He LOVES “reading” them and doing all the little games.  Today we will pick up some new twistable colored pencils  and a coloring book.  Maybe he will enjoy coloring for a change if he is stuck in one spot.  If not, I will gladly color!  We have tons of single serving snacks ready to pack up.  Noah eats about every hour so we are trying to pack the same healthy snacks he eats at home.  Strawberries, carrots, raisins and apples and maybe some mini jammy dodgers too.  (Ok, so those aren’t healthy, but he loves them!)

I’m not sure how we will keep Cale occupied or quiet for that matter.  The boy chats and sings quite loud.  I have some little toys for him to play with and some yummy baby snacks. Other than the packing thing, I’m ready!  I love flying!